17 February 2015

O2 MMS Settings on Jolla Phone

I have an O2 pay monthly SIM and a Jolla phone (JP-1301) running Sailfish OS. I needed to reinstall MMS settings so sent 'ACTIVE' to 2020 as they advise and was greeted with a return text message stating: "Unfortunately we had problems dealing with your requset for settings. Please contact Customer Service". Now, I've dealt with customer service enough times to know how this would pan out: "Yeah, it says here your device doesn't have MMS capabilities so there's no settings for it" being a likely outcome. So I poked through some other devices and tried a few variations of the settings I found. The following worked for me:

Go to: Settings > System > Mobile network > MMS access point

And enter the following settings:

Connection Name: O2 MMS postpay
Access point name: mobile.o2.co.uk

Username: o2web
Password: password

Proxy address:
Proxy port: 8080

MMS message centre
MMS message centre address: http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002

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