24 June 2013

Uninstall Copy (copy.com) in Mac OS X (10.8)

I tried 'Copy' (or click this link for +5GB free), and while the generous storage quota was appealing and the service worked fine generally, I didn't like the Mac OS X client.
It prompted me to log in on every start up, a big hassle when you use super-long randomly generated passwords. On the other hand, Box and Dropbox both work away in the background without needing any assistance.
Also, it put an unexpected and unwanted extra menu option on the right-click menu which I was not too happy about.

First, exit Copy from the menubar; Then delete the application from the Applications folder.

Then, to get rid of the extras Copy installs, run these commands in Terminal:

sudo rm -rf "/Library/Application Support/Copy Agent"


rm -rf "~/Library/Application Support/Copy Agent"


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