16 January 2012

Blank Wordpress homepage and blank admin page / dashboard

Activated a new Wordpress theme, but the home page is blank? Worse still the admin page is blank? Uh-oh.  I did this today on a live site- a stupid mistake.

Luckily, I figured out how to fix it quite quickly, so all is well.

You've uploaded your new/test theme to your Wordpress install and activated it. You visit the homepage and it's blank, so you visit /wp-admin/ but that's blank too.
Simply go back to your FTP client and delete or rename the folder with your new theme in.
Give it a few seconds and try and visit /wp-admin/ again and you'll see the dashboard again.  If you go to the theme selector you'll see a message saying 'theme not found, reverting to default' or something similar.

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