3 June 2018

Links not working after cloning WordPress site, .htaccess ok, wtf?

Ok so I:

Migrated a Wordpress site from one host to another

Pretty simple, moved all the files to the new host, kept the same directory structure, kept the same database user names and passwords and copied the MySQL database over. Site loads, everything is great.

Every link is getting a error 404 page

Oh, did I copy across the .htaccess file? Yes. Cue 30 minutes of head scratching checking the new server is Apache on not nginx, stripping the .htaccess to the most basic version allowing a WordPress multisite.

I remembered! httpd.conf Sure enough, I looked under up the server's httpd.conf and in the section pertaining to /var/www/ there was 'AllowOverride none', meaning it ignored all those rules in .htaccess - I change this line to:

AllowOveride All

And it works! Simple, simple.

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