11 March 2014

Fixing XMPP problem after updating Flamingo IM

I've just updated the Flamingo app and found it couldn't connect to my custom XMPP server, despite having the details correct. Turns out, it failed to connect because I have a 'self signed' SSL certificate. Would have been nice to have an error message! Anyway, getting around this is trivial. Open a new Terminal window and enter:
defaults write com.nonatomic.Flamingo AllowSelfSignedCertificates -bool true
I restarted Flamingo and was able to connect straight away. Obviously, you have now an issue where Flamingo will connect to any server with a self-signed certificate, so only do this if you're aware of the risk. This post originally appeared on SimonCoopey.net: http://coopey.me/p-AUy

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