18 October 2011

Where is .ssh/known_hosts?

I keep forgetting where this is, and Mac OS X's Spotlight is no help, so I'm writing this for me and anyone else who might search for "where is .ssh/known_hosts".

Open a new Finder window. Either open the 'Go' menu and select "Go to Folder...", or press ⇧+⌘+G (Shift+Cmd+G). In the dialog that pops up enter
and press enter. Note the ~ (tilde) at the start.

This should open the folder, and often known_hosts will be the only file in this folder.

A little extra on the known_hosts file- If you're opening this to look for a line, be aware that TextEdit wraps the text- so visible lines are often not the same as actual lines. I am blessed with a big screen, so I stretch the window as far as I can to get the content to 'unwrap'.

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